Chocolate Yoga

Chocolate Yoga is available for groups between 10-70 people

Chocolate Yoga combines beginner level asanas with delicious chocolate in a fun and easy way! This relaxed experience doesn’t require previous experience in yoga, you can come in as you are. Just wear something comfortable. 

Duration: 1h

Group size: 10-70

Price: 250 € + 9,5€ / person


Chocolate Yoga can be held at a venue of your choice, but we do recommend an indoor venue. The event is organised in co-operation with Pop Up Yoga Oulu. 


Please note! Some chocolates of this experience contain milk and there might be traces of cnuts and gluten present. If you wish the Chocolate Yoga to only include milk free chocolate 5 € per person will be aded to the price of the experience. The whole group will always enjoy the same selection of chocolates. 

(Prices include VAT)


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